Why you should dilute your terpenes

Here at HerbBuddy we always suggest that you dilute or purchase our pre-diluted terpenes. Concentrated terpenes are far too strong for direct use on your skin or for oral use. The main use of undiluted terpenes is for them to be vaporized into the air with a home aromatizer. If you are using your terpenes with this method the effects are slower and less pronounced. That is why we recommend orally by simply dropping a few drops underneath your tongue or massaging them into your skin. We understand that diluting terpenes can be messy and annoying with the calculations so.... This is where our carefully formulated pre-diluted terpenes come into play, with superior absorption and bio-availability our terpenes have been proven to have enhanced action. We not only would like to make your life better but also easier. Check out our Pre-Diluted terpenes for your next order.

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