Beta-Pinene - Breath

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Beta-Pinene (β-Pinene) is a monoterpene that is found in many different plants that has a woody pine-like aroma. β-Pinene is a major component found in the essential oils of cannabis and Pine Needles, hence receiving the name Pinene. The main effects of β-Pinene are alertness, memory retention and it also acts as an anti-depressant. Beta-Pinene and Alpha-Pinene used together provides synergistic effects. 


Beta-Pinene's Effects and Benefits
• Alertness
• Memory retention
• Increased happiness and creativity
• Antiseptic
• Improvement of Asthma


Using our terpenes:


Orally (diluted):
Drop 2-10 Drops under your tongue 1-2 times a day. 

Skin (diluted):

Rub your choice of terpene on nonsensitive area of your body. 



Add your choice of undiluted terpene to a diffuser. 



Since our terpenes are of high concentration we recommend that you use a carrier oil to dilute, this will mean you use less, therefore more money in your pocket. This can be with any oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. When mixing your terpenes with an oil we suggest a 5% solution. So 5% terpene and 95% carrier oil.

To have a mix at 5% for a 10ml mixture:

Use 9.5ml of carrier oil (coconut oil) + 0.5ml (1%) of HerbBuddy Terpenes (approximately 15 drops)

1ml = 30 drops