Pain & Inflammation Balm

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HerbBuddy's 50mL Pain and Inflammation Balm is designed for your convenience and synergistic benefits. Simple application by gently massaging the affected area until covered. Our Balm is a carefully researched combination of Myrcene, Beta-Caryophellene, Linalool and Limonene. Over the years at HerbBuddy our Research and Development has created blends of different terpenes to create synergistic effects that target a range of ailments. From this we now bring to you our most sought after blend in a convenient pre diluted formula. Our balm in not only natural but also organic that provides greater adsorption of terpenes.

Research has shown that Beta-Caryophyllene and Myrcene are a must for the PAIN & INFLAMMATORY reducing effect. Beta-Caryophyllene has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation and Myrcene is great at blocking a pain signal. Limonene has been added for its synergism, it allows for better skin permeability for other terpenes. Linalool displays an added anti inflammatory affect.

If you have been suffering from years of pain or inflammation or both and haven’t been able to stumble across something that helps, then you should look into terpenes.  


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