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Limonene, as the name suggests, it's found in citrusy fruits like oranges and lemons. Limonene is also found in varieties of cannabis with citrusy aromas. Limonene is highly absorbed by inhalation and quickly enters the blood stream. It assists in the absorption of other terpenes through the skin and other body tissue. Therefore combination with other terpenes will allow for an increased effect of those terpenes. 

Limonene promotes a general uplift in mood and attitude by the entourage effect. This compound is also used in diets aimed at weight reduction, in the treatment of ulcers and gastric reflux, as an antiseptic and an insect repellent. There are also undergoing trials for using limonene to treat depression and anxiety: during testing on the effects of limonene, participants experienced an increase in attention, mental focus, well-being and even libido.


Limonene Effect and Benefits
• Elevated mood
• Stress relief
• Mood enhancer
• Can Improve depression
• Anti-bacterial


Limonene can be found in high concentrations in citrusy fruits like oranges and lemons. Limonene can work wonders on mood and stress, providing an uplifting sense of calmness.  

Using our terpenes:


Orally (diluted):
Drop 2-10 Drops under your tongue 1-2 times a day. 

Skin (diluted):

Rub your choice of terpene on nonsensitive area of your body. 



Add your choice of undiluted terpene to a diffuser. 



Since our terpenes are of high concentration we recommend that you use a carrier oil to dilute, this will mean you use less, therefore more money in your pocket. This can be with any oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. When mixing your terpenes with an oil we suggest a 5% solution. So 5% terpene and 95% carrier oil.

To have a mix at 5% for a 10ml mixture:

Use 9.5ml of carrier oil (coconut oil) + 0.5ml (1%) of HerbBuddy Terpenes (approximately 15 drops)

1ml = 30 drops


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