Linalool - Relax

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Linalool is a non-cyclic monoterpene and has been described as having floral and lavender undertones. Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene found in many flowers and spices including lavender and coriander. Varieties of essential oils high in linalool promote calming and relaxing effects. Humans have inhaled the scent of certain plants, including many containing linalool, since ancient times to help lower stress levels, fight inflammation, and combat depression. Linalool works synergistically when in combination with pinene, creating an even more uplifting anti-depressed state of mind. Linalool has also been found to be a major contributor to the anti-epileptic effect of cannabis. 


Linalool's Effect and Benefits
• Anxiety relief
• Anti-depressant
• Decreased Stress
• Calming and relaxing
• Anti-acne
• Anti-epileptic

Using our terpenes:


Orally (diluted):
Drop 2-10 Drops under your tongue 1-2 times a day. 

Skin (diluted):

Rub your choice of terpene on nonsensitive area of your body. 



Add your choice of undiluted terpene to a diffuser. 



Since our terpenes are of high concentration we recommend that you use a carrier oil to dilute, this will mean you use less, therefore more money in your pocket. This can be with any oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. When mixing your terpenes with an oil we suggest a 5% solution. So 5% terpene and 95% carrier oil.

To have a mix at 5% for a 10ml mixture:

Use 9.5ml of carrier oil (coconut oil) + 0.5ml (1%) of HerbBuddy Terpenes (approximately 15 drops)

1ml = 30 drops


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