Pain and Inflammation Premium Blend - 50mL

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HerbBuddy has formulated and developed a new range of Premium Terpene Blends. When particular terpenes are in combination with other certain terpenes it results in a greater effect. The complexity of our formulated blends has allowed us to target specific everyday problems that you may face. 


Pain and Inflammation can greatly decrease your quality of life and with its prevalence across the globe, HerbBuddy has always had it in our sights; targeting with a combination of Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene. We set out with the aim to create something like no other. With the synergism of a research set of eleven terpenes, we have developed our Premium Pain and Inflammation blend that is fast in action with unbeatable satisfaction. Our Pain & Inflammation blend has been designed to target the same receptor system as CBD oil, hence producing a decrease in a range of inflammatory conditions. By targeting the cannabinoid system injury and chronic pain subsides.

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